Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does ACCGC Accreditation cost?
    There is a $200.00 non-refundable application fee. If the application is approved, an $1,800.00 fee is required for a new accreditation. In addition, team travel expenses must be covered by the host institution. Once accredited, an $2,000.00 per year fee is paid to maintain accreditation status.
  2. Does ACCGC require that we teach specific content within our program?
    ACCGC standards are non-prescriptive. ACCGC is more concerned with learning outcomes assessment and continuous improvement.
  3. Is ACCGC accreditation appropriate for Graphic Design degrees?
    The best fit for graphic design programs are those more oriented toward technical skills and knowledge rather than fine arts.
  4. Is any help provided in the self-study process after we apply for ACCGC accreditation?
    An experienced mentor is assigned to answer questions as the self-study is developed.
  5. How long does the accreditation process take before our program can be accredited by ACCGC?
    Two academic years, with the self-study preparation completed the first year. The ACCGC team visit, reports of recommendations and conclusions, and Board of Directors vote to accredit or not accredit are accomplished the 2nd year.
  6. What is the length of accreditation?
    A full accreditation is for a six-year period. A two-year accreditation may be given in some cases, with a follow-up in the second year to assure full compliance with standards, where upon the remaining four years of accreditation are granted.
  7. When does an accreditation time period begin and when is it concluded?
    Upon approval by the ACCGC Accreditation Committee and the Board of Directors, a full accreditation time period begins on September 1 of the given year and is terminated six years later on August 31.
  8. Who serves on the three-member ACCGC site-visitation team?
    Two graphic communications educators and one representative from the graphic communications industry. Most of the time, the three team members are currently serving on the ACCGC Board of Directors.
  9. When should an application for an ACCGC accreditation review be submitted to the ACCGC Managing Director?
    By September 1st, after which the two-year accreditation process will begin.