Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does ACCGC Accreditation cost?
    There is a $4,000.00 application fee for a new accreditation. Once accredited, a $2,500.00 per year fee is paid to maintain accreditation status.
  2. Does ACCGC require that we teach specific content within our program?
    No, ACCGC standards are non-prescriptive. ACCGC is more concerned with program quality and continuous improvement.
  3. Is ACCGC accreditation appropriate for Graphic Design degrees?
    In most cases, the answer is yes. ACCGC defines graphic communications quite broadly as a discipline, and the definition includes graphic design.
  4. Is any help provided in the self-study process after we apply for ACCGC accreditation?
    Yes! You will be assigned an experienced mentor to help you prepare your self-study. The process is one of constructive criticism, and not punitive. We want to make graphic communications programs better!
  5. How long does the accreditation process take before our program can be accredited by ACCGC?
    A minimum of two academic years. The application, payment, and self-study preparation are completed the first year. The ACCGC team campus site-visit, written report including the recommendations and conclusions, and the decision to accredit or not accredit are accomplished the 2nd year.
  6. What is the length of the “full” accreditation and “partial” accreditation?
    A full accreditation is for a six-year period. A partial accreditation is for a two-year period?
  7. When does an accreditation time period begin and when is it concluded?
    Upon approval by the ACCGC Accreditation Committee and the Board of Directors, a full accreditation time period begins on September 1 of the given year and is terminated six years later on August 30.
  8. Can a graphic communications program be re-accredited by ACCGC?
    Yes, an application for a re-accreditation review should be made two years in advance of the termination date of the accreditation currently in place. There is no additional cost for the re-accreditation application.
  9. Who serves on the three-member ACCGC site-visitation team?
    Two professional educations and one industry person. Most of the time, the three team members are currently serving on the ACCGC Board of Directors. In special situations, a 4th team member may be appointed to a site-visitation team. It is possible, according to ACCGC procedures, to appoint one member of the team who is currently not a member of the Board of Directors.
  10. Is there ever a potential problem involving “Conflict of Interest” with the Board of Directors and the graphic communications program being reviewed? If so, how is this situation handled?
    Yes, this situation could occur, but every effort is made so that this situation will not happen. For example, any member of the graphic communications academic program being reviewed for accreditation will not be appointed to serve on the visiting team. The same is true relating to being a member of the ACCGC Accreditation Committee which has responsibility for reviewing and taking action on the final site-team visitation report.
  11. When should an application for an ACCGC accreditation review be submitted to the ACCGC Managing Director?
    Anytime throughout the year. Arrangements will be made to develop a schedule pertaining to the self-study preparation, team site visit, and the decision making process.
  12. Will our graphic communications program receive any special recognition from ACCGC if we are successful in achieving full accreditation?
    Yes, every effort will be made to provide recognition for your accreditation achievement. First, you will be presented with a beautiful plaque at the ACCGC annual board of directors meeting in Chicago by the ACCGC president. Photos will be taken and used in a press release that will be prepared and distributed to several graphic communications related journals and electronic publishers. We have no control on what gets published in these publications, but we make sure the press release is prepared and distributed. We also list the accredited academic programs on the ACCGC website and publish them in our annual printed brochure.