Sustaining Corporate Affiliate Program

Background: In 2005, the ACCGC Board of Directors established the Sustaining Corporate Affiliate (SCA) program. This program gives graphic communications-related companies the opportunity to become a Sustaining Corporate Affiliate (SCA) of the council by making a financial contribution. Sustaining Corporate Affiliates contribute to the improvement of collegiate academic graphic communications programs and help insure that there will be a continuous supply of qualified employees for the industry. ACCGC is a 501(C)(3) IRS tax exempt organization.

Contribution Levels: The three contribution levels are listed as follows:
Silver for companies contributing $500.00 to $4,999.00 to ACCGC – SCA program.
Gold for companies contributing $5,000.00 to 7499.00 to ACCGC – SCA program.
Platinum for companies contributing $7,500.00 and more to ACCGC – SCA program.

Thus far, 13 companies have become ACCGC Sustaining Corporate Affiliates; they are:

• Bell and Howell, LLC Silver
• Canon Solutions America, Inc. Silver
• Digital Enterprise Education and
Research Foundation (DEER)
• Eastman Kodak Company Gold
• FASTSIGNS International, Inc. Silver
• Fujifilm North America Corp. Silver
• Heidelberg USA Gold
• INX International Ink Co. Gold
• KBA North America, Inc. Silver
• Leo Burnett USA, Inc. Gold
• manroland Inc. Gold
• Quad/Graphics, Inc. Gold
• Xerox Corporation Gold

Affiliate Benefits
The multiple benefits of a company/corporation becoming an ACCGC Sustaining Corporate Affiliate are listed as follows:

  1. Helping to improve the quality of associate, baccalaureate, and graduate degree programs in graphic communications at colleges and universities throughout the USA and beyond.
  2. Providing additional credibility for associate, baccalaureate and graduate degree programs in the eyes of industry, prospective students, and graduates of accredited programs.
  3. Receiving public and industry recognition for companies/corporations in support of graphic communications education.
  4. Facilitating the opportunity for affiliated companies/corporations to have representation on the ACCGC Board of Directors (currently, four Sustaining Corporate Affiliate companies are represented on the ACCGC Board).
  5. Making it possible to have direct access to graphic communications graduates for employment purposes from the ACCGC accredited colleges and universities.

From a Past President of ACCGC

Dear Supporter of Graphic Communications Education,

For at least 40 years—perhaps a great deal longer—printers and publishers have wished that there was some way to insure that students in graphic arts/printing classes learn up-to-date theory and techniques from well-qualified faculty using contemporary equipment. Responding to this need, graphic communications educators and printing industry leaders from around the nation, working under the auspices of PIA/GATF, created the Accrediting Council for Collegiate Graphic Communications, Inc. (ACCGC) in 1998.

The Board of Directors of ACCGC is comprised of 11 educators and eight industry personnel who provide viable, creditable, and defensible accreditation standards that can be used to promote and encourage sound associate- and baccalaureate-level educational programs in graphic communications. The ACCGC is the only accrediting body involved in reviewing all types of graphic communications programs whether they are focused on design, technology, and/or management.

Both qualitative and quantitative evidence are obtained through an academic program self-study with facts substantiated by a three-member ACCGC visitation team in determining the accreditation status of the college/university graphic communications program. To date, five baccalaureate-level programs have received accreditation and three academic programs are in the process of being considered.

ACCGC Board members invite you to become part of the solution by becoming a Corporate Sustaining Affiliate of the council. For a contribution of $5,000.00, you can join the existing ranks of Corporate Sustaining Affiliates. Executives of Corporate Sustaining Affiliates are eligible to serve on the ACCGC Board of Directors; thus, your company could have a vital and demonstrable affect on the future of graphic communications education nationwide.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I ask that you consider becoming an ACCGC Corporate Sustaining Affiliate. ACCGC is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt body. If you have any questions, please contact me at or our Managing Director, Dr. Ervin Dennis, at

Sincerely yours,
Jerry J. Waite, Ed.D.
Professor of Technology, University of Houston
Past President, Accrediting Council for Collegiate Graphic Communications